Sara Abdel Moneim is the founder and CEO of Sign Advertising Agency, she gained an impressive reputation for her innovative work,designs solutions and impressive typography As she also won many awards. She was defined as a leader of the transitional modern stage of cinema advertisements in Egypt and Middle East. Sara’s name had became connected to most of the important films during the last decade; as her designs for the posters or “Afiche” had become an important element for achieving her success. She collected many local and international awards as her work has been collected and selected to exhibit in Europe.

Graduated in Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University in 2000. Major studies: graphic designs.
Worked for her father while studying for a year in marketing “stained glass & Led” and She established workshops for manufacturing “Stained Glass” designs & accessories also she succeeded to use it in decorating Hotels, Shops and Restaurants e.g. Arbeys.
1st turning point when she designed & executed advertisements for '' Seeidi in American university '' film in 1999. Her work for the movie was very innovated & new at the time, which had gained a very good impact & promoted the movie big time.
Founder of sign advertising agency in 1999 as she established the agency with 2 partners who were ''Mohammed Ramzy & Mohammed Eladl '' the two producers & distributers of '' seedi in American university ''. Both partners were the most powerful names in Egyptian Cinema Industry at the time after they were impressed by her creativity in advertising .
Specialized & succeeded in designing film posters & advertisements and won her 1st prize in 2001 for the best film poster from '' Egyptian Oscar '' institute for '' Film Sakafy ''. Meanwhile, she started to grab media and press attention to her work as it had an effective impact on the cinema industry. She started to gain prizes ever after 2001, each & every year until this time.
Succeeded as well in exploring a different new methods and advertising medium. And started to take a good place among big advertising agencies in Egypt in handling advertising media.
Chosen as one of the most powerful people in Egyptian cinema industry for three years 2005, 2006 & 2007 by “Good News Magazine”.
The international triennially for poster designs in 2006 has chosen her as one of the most effective and important 100 posters designers world wide.
In 2007 the Hong Kong museum of arts has collected three of her posters "original prints" to exhibit and keep in term of representing her name as one of the most influencing advertisement designers in the world and one of three in the Middle East.
Honored & hosted by German Ministery of culture in Munich on October 2007 to represent and exhibit her work in Munich among Germans & big reception for public and artists.
In 2008 established "SignOut" A new entity along with running her company “Sign Agency”. Sign Out specialized in film & media services, production.
In 2010, produced her 1st show " Fabricano" represented by " Intissar" the comedian actor. Released in "Holly Ramadan" 2010 on the Egyptian network TV & two of the biggest TV channels in Egypt "Dream & Moga comedy".The show has successfully attracted & grabbed lot of TV advertisements to the TV channels & it ranked the 3rd highest viewer ship in Egypt at that highest season of the year.
In 2011 produced the TV show “Kamien”
In 2012, she was the Executive Producer of the big hit movie “Hatouly Ragel”, which was released in 2013. “Hatouly Ragel” gained a great amount of respect for it’s creativity and taking a new direction and genre in the Egyptian film market.

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